Gravemind - Scriptures of Hatred (Feat. Mark Poida of Aversions Crown)

from by MxHC Music Promotions

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Scriptures of Hate:

Rotting in rhythm, no way to escape. The bone and the skin melt away, only torment remains. In the darkest pits you will find me here.

Soul spheres can’t contain my design, never ending hate will surpass my cage.

I tear a void in my conscience, I will surpass this dimension, you can’t fucking stop this.

Welcoming the birth of a new age. Become the tesseract, forever expanding through time and space.

The human race, born from fear will exist through hate. I will show you everything, your past, your choices everything.

We are but a cross section of a third dimension I will surpass.

Soul spheres contain the essence of existence. Brought to it’s limits, here the suffer, the purest form of anguish. Never ending white noise.

Ten million years I have found a new way. Ten million years I can see through the flesh walls. The rotting carcasses shed from new bones begin to eclipse. I can see very well, I can see very well, the blinding truth that I was born to rot in hell. My dimension my existence was nothing more than lore. Nothing more than lore.

We were all made to suffer so that the ominous being could see you writhe. I see you now.

Cease to exist, Your presence here disgusts us. We are the surveyors of your pathetic existence. (Cease to exist) If you decline, you will dissolve the omniverse in hate. What is your will?

My hatred spills over seven dimensions, I have become the destroyer. No God will be able to stop you, no God will be able to control you. Pure hatred.


from MxHC Music Promotions: Vol. 7, released March 4, 2016



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